How to Link to Content on the Web with a Hyperlink

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Hyperlink SymbolA question I’m often asked, is “How do I link to other content on the web from my own website?”
While web developers do this in their sleep, it’s not so obvious and easy for those that don’t do it all the time. Here is a breakdown of the HTML command to create a hyperlink to other content. (Note: Your keystrokes are in bold)

We start out with the opening anchor tag: <a

Next comes the href attribute: href (This stands for hypertext reference), followed by the = sign to tell it what to reference.

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Which WordPress Should I Use?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

logo_500x500There are two different editions of WordPress available to develop your website. To this day there remains confusion over the two versions of WordPress, especially when starting out with WordPress for the first time. The differences between the two are substantial and you should understand those differences before starting out. is your first choice and is a hosted version of WordPress

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