Is Your Website Mobile Friendly? Don’t Lose Half of Your Prospects ~

Reading Time: 2 minutes

GoogleAs of April 21st, 2015 Google is going to heavily favor mobile-friendly sites in search results. No one knows for sure, but it’s estimated that over fifty percent of search is conducted on a mobile device. Even more important is that most of the people searching on smartphones are ready to take action on the results provided on their smartphone.

This change has been a long time coming but what it means for you is important. Do you want a competitor’s business being displayed in search results on a smartphone, while yours is not there?

You could research all of this, and we could discuss what elements make a website mobile friendly. But there is an easier way. Using Google webmaster tools, you can check this yourself and be absolutely sure. While the tool doesn’t rate your website on the particular elements that you have chosen to display, it will assess whether your site will provide a pleasant experience on a smartphone. Please note as well that this tool also does not assess or evaluate your current SEO (search engine optimization) strategy for your mobile visitors.

But to assess whether your site is mobile friendly by Google’s standards go to the following link and check it yourself:

If you’re in good shape, that’s great. If not, get in touch with your web developer. It really does need to be fixed. In the event you don’t have a web developer, Yellow Frog Media would certainly welcome your business.