What is SEO?

SEO flow chart When you enter a query into a search engine, you get a long list of results that contain information that you are searching for based upon your entry. Most users tend to visit the links that are at or near the top of that list because the perception is that they are more relevant to what you’re looking for.

Have you ever wondered why some of these websites are on the first page of the search engine? It’s because of the web marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization, (more commonly abbreviated as SEO).

SEO is a method used by web developers, which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites. You can relate this to how the printed Yellow Pages works, (although that medium is dying a slow death). You look up the category of what you are trying to find and turn to that section. The bigger ads are always on the first pages followed by the increasingly smaller ads.


There two principal ways used to enhance SEO.

  • Paid listings
  • Organic listings

SEO - Search EngineSEO helps you get listed toward the top of search engines and thus helps to get more traffic to your website. That’s only part of the equation though, once someone visits your site you want them to engage or ‘convert’ as it’s called. Only well-designed websites with quality content can do that for you.

Search Engine Marketers (SEM’s) will try to make you believe there are some deep dark secrets that only they know. While there are both good and not so good techniques, (known as ‘White hat’ and ‘Black hat’), most of it is common sense. As a website owner, you should familiarize yourself with what SEO can and can’t do.

This is the most common question I get from clients regarding SEO.

“Someone just called me, and said that they can ‘guarantee’ to get me at the top of Google if I let them work on my SEO. Is that true?”

If you get this type of call “HANG ON TO YOUR WALLET AND RUN THE OTHER WAY!” No one can guarantee that claim.
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